Thank you...

So I am not sure how LM Farmhouse got to where it is today. I just decided one day I was going to look up "Farmhouse Floorplans" on Instagram, and "nothing" popped up. Probably because I spelled something wrong. But anyways, NOTHING popped up.

So... I had a lightbulb moment and decided to start a page. I treated it like a Pinterest board. I just started posting my favorite plans, not thinking anyone else would follow along. Then over time, this community kept growing. When 5,000 people decided to follow along, I knew I had to make this better for you. Ya'll were DM'ing me for more information and better quality photos and this little hobby of mine is turning into something of a dream.

So keep following along, your support and encouragement is refreshing. Your likes drive what I post next. Your comments (please keep them classy, I am new at this) help me tremendously. Thank you and I hope you stick around for the ride.

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